Friday, January 9, 2009

What happened here?

Really all I meant to do is look at the blog of my dear friends, Metzgerhaus. Somehow, I managed to make my own blog?!? Uh oh!
It's not really a bad thing. Maybe I will keep track of my personal goings on now better than I have. I was really a fan of journal writing in years past...
The last couple days sucked! I sure hope it's no indication of things to come for 2009.
I'm a pharmacy student, duh, and my rotation schedule got way screwed up yesterday! Somehow Dr. rotation man got confused between Port Charlotte, Florida and Hickory, North Carolina.
I know, I also thought to myself, "Oopsie, what a reasonable oversite!" I think it has been resolved but we all shall see what ultimately comes of this, I guess.
Then "get called on at random class" today, I was called and totally put my foot in my mouth... "Do you drink alcohol a lot?" I did catch it mid-sentence and corrected myself but still, not an appropriate communication style for the most part. Blah.
So, on top of all that, my dad hadn't been feeling well for a day or two. He told me his symptoms, but I am absolutely, positively not a diagnostician... merely an OCD pharmacy student and I fortunately convinced him that I was worried about his appendix. Less than 12 hours later, he was in emergency surgery to remove his appendix.
Should I add medical intuitive to my CV???